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  • Writer's pictureEmily Beloof, MA, MFTi

The grounding impact of everyday rituals

How do we stay grounded and connected in a world where: change is all around us and often out of our control, we can be instantly connected to everything happening in the world, and we must weather the storms in our own lives? How do we find our feet and feel our roots when it feels like the strong winds are going to blow us over? How do we find steadiness in ups and downs of our daily and worldly lives?

One possibility is to create a dedicated practice of simple daily rituals. Routine and familiarity can be calming in a chaotic world. The following are possibilities for building simple, grounding practices into your life

  • Take a 10-20 minute walk at the same time every day. If you have a dog, they can be a great reminder to practice this daily ritual.

  • Sleep during the same time every night. Research shows that sleeping during the same hours is the most important factor in experiencing high quality sleep, which will make an impact on the rest of your life.

  • Connect with a friend everyday. While we cannot control when people can get back to us, we can create the ritual of reaching out daily - via text, phone, or in person - to connect with those we love (and who love us back).

  • Prepare breakfast for yourself and mindfully eat your food. Or have a ritual around one of your meals - eat dinner with a loved one, have lunch with a friend or while sitting somewhere beautiful.

  • Meditate for at least five minutes a day. Meditation has been shown to have positive impact on well-being, to change brain chemistry, decrease stress, and lower anxiety and depression. There are several guided meditations on YouTube - find your favorite and pick a time of day to dedicate to this practice.

  • Stretch or move your body. Is there a space you can create in your home to dedicate to a movement practice? We carry so much stress in our bodies - it can be grounding to dedicate a little time every day to gently and lovingly reconnect.

  • Get coffee or tea at the same place every day and get to know the baristas. Having this ritual could help you to feel a sense of grounding and belonging.

  • Create dedicated time to be off of social media, media, or news sources. This will give you space to be in the present moment where you are. Research shows that increased participation in social media leads to increased rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Our modern world is chaotic and if we do not practice grounding ourselves, we can fall into imbalance, crisis, exhaustion, stress, and despair. Developing simple routines that you engage in every day can help add a sense of consistency, structure, and stability. Humans need the experience of familiarity and consistency - it's why children thrive in a structured environment. It helps us to feel safe, grounded, and secure. As adults, we can create structure in our lives by implementing daily habits that we practice with dedication.

In these times, it is crucial that we practice grounding, calming, and rooting ourselves. We are so connected and so much is changing. Without a solid practice, our little human hearts don't stand a chance. Give your heart a chance! Develop and protect simple, daily rituals to add structure and support in your life.



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