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Friends Socializing

Next Dates TBD
reach out if interested!

Waterside Women

This group is for you if: crave a place to be heard and seen desire a safe space to explore what is on your heart have been feeling alone in your struggle

and want community wish to support and be supported by other women are willing to commit at least 2 hours a week

to your own needs and self-exploration

Women's Processing Circle


light stretching


group and pair sharing

skill offerings from facilitators

visual art exercises (no talent

or experience required!)

Week 1: Meet and set intentions

Weeks 3&4: Focus will be on mind health & clearing toxic thought patterns


Weeks 4&5: Focus will be on connection with body, accessing intuition & connecting with yourself


Weeks 6&7: Focus will be on spirit & how to nurture and support yourself



built on community


open to you regardless of race/ethnicity/sexuality/class/age


Cost: full fee $45/session

sliding scale $25/session

Commitment is to all 6 sessions to ensure group quality and create greater safety.



Confidential video sessions

Groups will be:

This group will not be a good fit if: are currently in an acute mental health crisis are not able to attend the majority of the groups would prefer individual support just doesn't feel like a good fit for you have therapy needs beyond what the group

is able to offer are not willing to share space with women from

different backgrounds and identities

Groups will include:

Emily Beloof


Emily serves women and couples seeking to establish connection, vitality, and self-compassion. She has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lewis and Clark. People describe Emily as passionate, kind, compassionate, and funny.

Shannon Glade MA, MFTi

Shannon provides mindfulness-based therapy to individuals and couples. She has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lewis and Clark. Those who know her describe Shannon as calm, attentive, and caring.

Shannon will re-join facilitation in fall of 2021.

Previous Groups & Workshops

Align Yourself

for 2019

A four-week series for women.

Get in touch with what works for you, what you want,

and what is getting in your way.

Do you want to start the new year with: space to process your wants and needs; a group of thoughtful and passionate women; clarity about what you want and need in 2019; and commitment to your self-care, dreams, and best relationships?

Join me for a four-week series to gain clarity on and commitment to the things that will help you be the most rested, protected, nourished, and vital woman you can be. Each week we will focus on a different area of life and use body awareness, breathing, creative exercises, and group sharing to clarify and support each other in creating the lives we desire.


Workshop outline:

1/4: What is it you desire? Set intentions, reflect on what went well/not well in 2018, and clarify goals for 2019.

1/11: How and where does your time/energy flow? Create energy/eco maps to identify where you get and spend energy, identify people/thoughts/habits that get in the way of how you want to live, and reflect on social media habits.

1/18: What do you need to cut out of your life? What is stealing your precious energy right out of you? What people, activities, habits, and thoughts are not serving your vision for your life? Get clear on what needs to be scaled back or eliminated.

1/25: What do you need to commit to? Now that you have created some space by saying "no" to some things, what do you want to say "yes" to? Identify your support system, identify what you will need to keep these commitments, and create a plan of action.

Workshops will take place from 6:30-8pm at Full Lotus Yoga

827 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211

Maximum 8 participants


This group is open to those who struggle with anxiety or trauma and those who do not struggle daily with these challenges. Please note the focus of this group will be on life-assessment and skills around setting intention, creating action plans, identifying unhelpful thoughts, and creating healthy relationship boundaries to serve the vision of your life. It will not be primarily focused on skills or techniques to manage anxiety or trauma. All who identify as women are welcome.


“Emily leads wonderful workshops. She is very sweet and open and will make you feel comfortable. I was able to see some things in my life that no longer serve me in a much clearer light.”​


—  Participant in Align 2019

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