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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom."
- Anïas Nin

You carry the power to step into a more authentic and fulfilling life.

My name is Emily Beloof (she/her) and I help women and couples overcome stuck places to enter lives of greater joy, vitality, connection and alignment.

I am so glad you found yourself here! It can be confusing and vulnerable when you are experiencing the kind of distress that has you to consider therapy. It takes courage and self-respect to even explore the possibility of getting help. I hope what I share here will help you determine if my work could be relevant to your particular struggle. 

I have three distinct and overlapping specialities:


1. I work with adult women healing from relational harm, codependency, perfectionism, intergenerational and ancestral trauma, and self-criticism. This might be you if you find you often prioritize other people's needs over your own, feel burnt out, constantly feel exhausted and depleted, feel overwhelmed by the world, or notice you are often angry at other people for asking things of you or not noticing you. 

2. I work with pregnant people and couples of all identities who are navigating fertility, pregnancy loss, and the transition to parenthood. This might be you if you notice that your culture or direct social circles have not prepared you for the emotional health aspects of infertility, pregnancy, and identity changes in becoming a parent; find yourself wanting more skills for managing anxiety, grief and loss, or communication with your partner; or desire a space to process particular challenges and frustrations related to donors, conflict around timing, or want support in making sure you change patterns of parenting modeled for you by your family or society at large. 

3. I work with couples working to heal patterns of conflict, break cycles of intergenerational trauma expressed in the relationship, support equilibrium and resilience in oppressive cultural structures, and improve communication and connection. This might be you if you find you and your partner cannot unlock the same fight or issues in your relationship, find yourself having the same reactions to your partner and don't know how to be different, or simply know that what you have could be improved with support in unlocking the next level of relational wellness.

My work is rooted in the knowledge that our place in our families, culture, and society deeply shapes the challenges we face and inner strength we acquire. I believe the more we are able to resolve past traumas, break from traditions and patterns that harm us, and align with what is true and beautiful in ourselves, the better we feel in life. 

In my experience, the brave work of deep healing is difficult to do alone. Many of us have blind spots and what we seek to heal is so tender that we need another person to offer safety and compassionate reflection. We need someone who will root for us even when we are at our worst, who believes in our ability to transform, and who isn't afraid to question our questionable thoughts and actions. As your therapist, I will act as your guide so you do not face the darkness alone. Together, we will gently explore experiences or wounds that have been left unhealed, unravel stories you have told yourself about who you "should" be, and help you tap into your innate courage and knowing.


I believe in the resiliency, bravery and creativity of every person. As a therapist, I get to see these qualities in action every day and I am humbled and grateful to do this work. If you are interested in finding out more, reach out! I am excited to support you on your journey towards a better life. 

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"What is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"
- Mary Oliver

Individual Therapy


$150 per

55 minute session

Couple Therapy

$185 per

55 minute session

$225 per

85 minute session

Consultation Call


Complimentary offering

to ensure good fit.

30 minutes

Group Offerings


Workshops and groups

for women offered.

Dates and rates vary.

"The quality of our relationships determines
the quality of our lives." - Esther Perel

You deserve to heal and thrive.

You can have a beautiful life.

What to Expect When You Work With Me

When you work with me, you can expect to learn strategies and explore life challenges in a compassionate, direct, and trauma-informed way. In a controlled setting, I will help you learn to recognize physiological and emotional cues from your body, integrate self-soothing practices, and investigate thought and behavior patterns. We will talk about the forces that have shaped you, including family of origin and social/cultural messages, and help you identify the strengths in your adaptations and the patterns you desire to release. I have specialty training in decolonization therapy, emotionally-focused therapy (EFT), somatic experiencing, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), feminist therapy, and narrative therapy, mindfulness therapy (DBT), and trauma resolution.


Using a combination of these approaches, we will work to establish your best, most beautiful life by helping you explore blocks, heal past wounds, and center vitality and wellness. Depending on your particular goal, this might involve:

  • identifying and replacing toxic narratives and beliefs

  • creating healthy relationship patterns

  • cultivating experiences that make you feel alive

  • developing strategies to build discernment and resilience around harm caused by societal harm/oppressions

  • listening for and expressing emotions that have gone unheard

  • exploring where the body is holding trauma

  • identifying patterns of self-judgment and self-hate and developing tools to integrate of self-love and self-care

  • practicing how to tap into your intuition and inner knowing

  • exploring what values and beliefs you have inherited from family/culture/nation/etc and discerning your own true values

  • learning practical tools to minimize suffering, anxiety, and depression

  • transforming patterns of shame and self-doubt

  • exploring intergenerational/ancestral trauma and pathways to healing

  • cultivating ways of being that allow you to be more authentic and present in your relationships

  • learning healthy communication and boundary-setting techniques


The foundation of an excellent therapist/client relationship is a good match.

If you feel I could help you heal and thrive, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

GLBTQI and BIPOC clients will be treated with dignity and respect.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Contact Me

827 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211  |  Tel: 971-231-7421

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I am glad you reached out and will contact you shortly.

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